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Evan Stern
February 19, 20216 min

Why (and How) I Started MachineServant

Working for a small to large-sized tech company as a web application developer has some very appealing perks: You can expect good hours, benefits, paid time off…

Evan Stern
November 05, 20203 min

How We Use bit and Storybook

If you haven't already read my post about Storybook, then go ahead and read it if you aren't sure what Storybook is. Ready? Great! Storybook Recap Since you've…

Evan Stern
October 08, 20203 min

GatsbyJS and

Embedded assets can be a pain sometimes. A lot of the time, the embed code you are given just doesn't work out of the box. This is doubly true with Gatsby…

Evan Stern
July 18, 20204 min

How to Bring a Project to Life

How do I build my website? You have an idea for a website and want to see that idea made real. But how do you start? What goes into actually seeing a project…

Evan Stern
September 23, 20192 min

Publishing Posts with Remark

At the time of writing this post, MachineServant uses Remark for blog posts. It's super simple to use and keeps the blog posts directly inline with the code for…

Evan Stern
September 17, 20192 min

Building MachineServant Part 1

MachineServant is built using GatsbyJS and hosted on Netlify There are numerous blog posts explaining how to build your website and host it using Gatsby and…