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Evan Stern
January 19, 20213 min

What About Security?

One of the most frequently asked questions I get is "How can I ensure my website (or application) is secure?" And, boy, do I wish that was a question with an…

Evan Stern
November 16, 20204 min

PurgeCSS, Tailwind, Gatsby, and Dependencies

This is a very specific use case, I'm aware, but what happens when you combine have a project that uses TailwindCSS, Gatsby, and PurgeCSS and then combine that…

Evan Stern
November 05, 20203 min

How We Use bit and Storybook

If you haven't already read my post about Storybook, then go ahead and read it if you aren't sure what Storybook is. Ready? Great! Storybook Recap Since you've…

Evan Stern
November 02, 20205 min

An Intro to StorybookJS

The new web development paradigm is to develop components that are small, descriptive, and easily portable. Check out any front-end framework you like: React…

Evan Stern
October 08, 20203 min

GatsbyJS and

Embedded assets can be a pain sometimes. A lot of the time, the embed code you are given just doesn't work out of the box. This is doubly true with Gatsby…

Evan Stern
September 23, 20192 min

Publishing Posts with Remark

At the time of writing this post, MachineServant uses Remark for blog posts. It's super simple to use and keeps the blog posts directly inline with the code for…